It’s easy to forget about the importance of your commercial HVAC system. Day after day, it just does its job, keeping your building – and the employees and customers within – comfortable.

Until it doesn’t.

If you aren’t carrying a commercial HVAC maintenance plan, you could be surprised by a sizeable repair bill that could take a big chunk out of your company’s bottom line. According to Home Guide, the average system replacement could cost $4200 – $9000. Fortunately, by opting for a commercial HVAC maintenance plan with TAM A/C & Heating, you could avoid that scenario and keep your fiscal year on track. A well-maintained system is far less likely to break down, so your investment in modest monthly premiums will be more than worth it in the end.

Keep Up with AC Maintenance

Without a maintenance plan in place, you might be tempted to let basic maintenance work on your HVAC system slide a little bit. After all, if you don’t have the work performed, you don’t have to spend any money, right? That line of thinking may get you by for a while, but you’ll pay for it in the long run.

With a maintenance plan already built into your budget, you’ll be sure that the necessary work is being performed in a timely manner. Not only will this help your system remain operational, but it will also help the system to run more efficiently. That means lower energy bills month after month, savings that can go a long way towards offsetting the cost of the maintenance plan itself.

Delay Total AC Replacement

One of the biggest HVAC expenses you can incur as a business is a complete replacement of your system. If your equipment reaches a point where repair is no longer feasible, you’ll need to just replace the gear – and that is a costly endeavor. This is another way investing in a maintenance plan can pay off for you down the road. For instance, if you are able to move the date of replacing your HVAC equipment five years into the future by keeping up on maintenance as you go, that will be a huge boost for your business.

Keep Your Maintenance Simple

As a business owner or manager, you have enough to worry about on a day to day basis. Taking HVAC maintenance concerns off your plate by signing up for a maintenance plan is one step toward simplifying your professional life while still staying on top of everything.

The Right HVAC Team

It’s important to work with the right group of professionals for your commercial HVAC maintenance plan, which is why your first call should be to TAM A/C & Heating. We are proud to serve most of the greater Houston area, and our experience in this field means you can trust our work to deliver quality and value time after time. Have questions about what we can offer, or wish to schedule an appointment? Get in touch today and we will be happy to serve you.