Having air conditioning in your home is a huge benefit in the hot summer months. Rather than sweating it out while trying to position your box fans just right for a comfortable breeze, you can set your home to a desirable temperature and relax in comfort. Of course, like anything else, you’ll need to know if your A/C needs repair to make sure the system is working properly all summer long to get the performance you expect and deserve.

Watch for the following signs that the A/C needs repair in your home.


It’s Not Cold!

Okay – so this one is probably pretty obvious, even if you aren’t in the HVAC business. If your air conditioner is no longer blowing cold air, that is a sure sign that something is wrong. You’ll want to bring in a professional right away to assess your options and determine whether your A/C needs repair, or  if  an A/C replacement is the right choice.

Even if your air conditioner is still blowing some cold air, pay attention if it is not getting as cold as it used to. As time goes by, the unit might not run as efficiently as it once did, and as a result, it may have to work hard to even modestly cool the air. Not only will this mean that your home is not as comfortable as it should be, but it will also lead to higher utility bills. If it suddenly seems like a struggle to get your house down to a good temperature in the summer months, call for assistance straight away.


Rising Utility Bills

We mentioned this issue above, and it can also be one of your first signs that your A/C needs repair. You probably know already how much your utility bills should be for given times of the year, so anything outside of the expected range is cause for concern. A higher bill could just be the result of a hot month that required you to run the A/C frequently, or it could be a sign that your unit is not running efficiently and is in need of some repair work.

A/C needs repair

Unusual Noises

The hum of a running air conditioner is like background music for the summer season in many places. That being the case, you probably know how your air conditioner is supposed to sound, so anything out of the ordinary will stick out right away. When you hear odd sounds, don’t dismiss them – there is almost certainly an underlying cause that needs to be addressed. With any luck, the issue will be something minor that can be corrected with some quick repair work.


A/C Repair or an A/C Tune Up

Ironically, getting an ac tune up twice a month is a good way to prevent ac repairs.  We have a 26 point checklist we complete for every home ac system.  We understand the need to keep cost down, and why its sometimes necessary to try and diy projects around the home.  Your air conditioning system isn’t one of them.  According to Amana, one of the brands we install, “There are some routine maintenance tasks that most homeowners can perform, and there are more sophisticated, scheduled maintenance measures that most homeowners should leave to their local Amana brand dealer. ”


Ready to Help

At TAM A/C & Heat, we don’t want you to sweat out another summer day while dealing with faulty air conditioning. To have the necessary repairs performed, contact us today to make an appointment. We have all the experience required to get the job done properly, and we look forward to serving you!