If a stove or oven doesn’t heat or function properly, it might be time to schedule an oven repair. Houston Stove & Oven RepairWhether the stove in question is gas or electric, a simple call for range repair can get the stove repaired in no time.

Gas Range Repair

Gas ranges, which use flammable natural gas, have a pilot light that lights the range when the knob is turned. A gas stove repair or gas oven repair might be necessary if the range doesn’t light – this could be indicative of a mechanical or electrical problem, and will require scheduling an oven repair. Additionally, it’s important to note if there is more orange fire than blue when lighting the range, a range repair could be necessary.

Electric Range Repair

An electric range repair might be necessary if the coils in the oven burn out. Electric ranges use coils of wire (as opposed to gas) to generate heat. Many times, these burn out in a range. Range repair is necessary if the heating elements in the stove begin to bubble, crack or get discolored. Electric stove repair will also be necessary in the case of a wiring problem.

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