ac duct replacement

How Much Does AC Duct Replacement Cost?

As your home or commercial building ages, the various components that make up the structure are going to gradually need replacement. One of those components is the ductwork for your air conditioning system. While this is something you don’t think about often, since it is typically out

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ac failure

What Are the Most Common Reasons for AC Failure?

When you have an air conditioning system installed in your home or commercial facility, you expect it to perform reliably each time you turn it on. Of course, nothing is perfect, and problems can come up with an AC unit, just like anything else. To help you

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mini-split a/c system

When to Use a Mini-Split A/C System

You don’t need us to tell you just how hot it can be during the middle of a Texas summer. Between the heat and humidity, it’s hard to summon the energy to even get out of bed – let alone stay busy throughout the day.  If you

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Benefits of Indoor Air Purification

When you return home after a long day at work, you want to be able to relax and spend time with family and friends. And hopefully, that’s exactly what you are able to do day after day. Unfortunately, some issues with your home could get in the

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licensed hvac contractor

When to Use a Licensed HVAC Contractor

If you are a homeowner, it’s practically inevitable that you will need some HVAC help from time to time. There are a variety of systems in your home – such as heating and cooling – which will need periodic maintenance, service, and possibly even replacement. When those

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ac needs repair signs

Signs That Your Home A/C Needs Repair

Having air conditioning in your home is a huge benefit in the hot summer months. Rather than sweating it out while trying to position your box fans just right for a comfortable breeze, you can set your home to a desirable temperature and relax in comfort. Of

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